Generally, most of the countries look for applicants, who are skilled in their occupation with at least 3+ years of experience, possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, who can also prove their proficiency in the English language through various internationally recognized tests. Further for a few countries where applicants have blood relatives already residing or applicants having an offer of employment from an employer in the migrating country will be preferred.

It is easy to get a PR visa for any country for Indians, provided the applicant is a skilled worker and he meets the necessary eligibility requirements. If he meets the eligibility requirements and submits all the required documents, then it is easy to get a PR visa.

For the PR process, countries require identity, qualification, experience, and proof of income, taxation, settlement funds, English language and other documents. The documentation differs from country to country and specific documentation might be required in few cases at various stages. In addition, few countries require Police Clearance Certificates and applicants may have to undergo health examinations as well.

Normally it depends upon the country where you want to migrate and the visa type you are applying, for a few countries it is not a mandatory requirement to show the settlement funds. There are many countries which have it as a mandatory requirement as they basically want to know whether the applicant is aware of the cost of living and have sufficient funds to survive in the new country without depending upon the Government. This is again a basic requirement for a few countries where the visa type is specific to the state or region or the visa is being sponsored by the state or region.

Basic demographic information, in addition to its information relating to qualifications, experience, English language scores, any other country residence information, dependents information, any relatives or friends information staying in the new country, health and character information.

Costs will depend upon the country you are applying & the visa type; normally there will be a visa fee which you will have to pay in the migrating country’s currency.An applicant will have bear the other costs like migration agent fee, notary charges, courier charges, English language test charges, nomination & other authorities fees. In few instances like an application for Parent Migration they might ask for security deposit as a part of assurance of support.

Normally countries like Australia or Canada take 8-12 months or more, it differs from country to country. As per our experience in most of the cases, the duration of the process depends upon the way an applicant has planned his/her migration and willing to work proactively to create favorable conditions, like how much in advance the applicant is preparing the documentation and other aspects of the process. Again, it differs from case-to-case basis & the type of the visa. We need to also understand that the applicant will not have any control on the timelines to act by the various authorities, however, he/she can definitely control the time taken in filing the applications from his/her side.

Normally many countries allow spouse & children to be included as a part of the PR visa. Few countries might allow parents of the main applicant as well. After migrating on a PR many countries allow the PR holder to sponsor the close relatives who are eligible to migrate, take parents.

Many countries issue the same type of visa to all the dependents included in the PR application, this includes the spuse as well. In such a case , the spouse will enjoy the the same rights which are applicable to the main applicant. The applicant needs to check this before he/she starts the process.

Many countries have made it mandatory to have a medical examination done before issuing the PR visa. Normally as a part of the examination process, they check if the applicant is free from the contagious diseases, he/she is possessing good health condition and don’t need assistance or will not depend upon the society or government or will not depend upon their health care system.


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